PR3 - FIRST Online Training Platform

Short description

The PR3 will focus on the development of an interactive training platform able to host the PR1 content. As FIRST targets are mostly Foundations’ staff, young unemployed and recently graduated, the platform will be designed considering a practical and effective approach.

Some key features include:

  • Easy to use interface: designed to be responsive and accessible, the Moodle interface is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Personalized dashboard: organized and displayed courses the way you want, and view at a glance current tasks and messages
  • Collaborative tools and activities: work and learn together in forums, glossaries, database activities
  • Notifications: when enabled, users can receive automatic alerts on new assignments and deadlines, forum posts and also send private messages to one another
  • Track progress: educators and learners can track progress and completion with an array of options for tracking individual activities or resources and at the course level

Initial Work on Platform

Selection of platform and initial work on functionalities. 

Platform Development

Development and design of the Platform that has to be implemented in a simple way and be accessible to everyone so that all people in the target group can understand the contents of the platform and the course.

Finalization and Testing of the Platform

An internal release of the platform will allow partners to test it, and assess content, the communication system, the task tracking, and user-friendliness of the general features. The second release will be the pilot one and it will be used for the validation. A final release may emerge at the end of the project life driven by the conclusions of the validation activities.

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