PR1 - Foundations' Promoter 4.0 roadmap

Short description

The main aim of PR1 is to create the new professional figure ‘Foundations’ Promoter 4.0‘. The PR1 will be divided into 4 main phases:

  1. Phase 1: Development of a research paper
  2. Phase 2: Development of guidelines (Competence Framework)
  3. Phase 3: Development of a training course
  4. Phase 4: Development of  a practical guidelines for trainers (Handbook for trainers and educators)

Phase 1: Research paper

During the first phase, a research paper was created by the consortium in order to present the concepts of storytelling, fundraising, and the third sector; it gives an overview of the European fundraising scene in the third sector in order to understand what the challenges and opportunities are; it provides a short literature review to frame the current situation of the use of storytelling for fundraising in the third sector. In the second part, the paper presents the research that was conducted and which forms the basis for the next steps of the project.

Download the research paper here.

Phase 2: Competence Framework

In the second phase, the results of the research paper combined with the competences identified merging EntreComp, DigiComp, and the EU Fundraising Association frameworks, to the competence framework and create guidelines that will outline a transferable skill-set of competences for the new figure of promoter 4.0.

Below you can see the seven competences:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Networking 
  4. Convincing Abilities 
  5. Content Storytelling
  6. Visual Storytelling
  7. Cross-Media Storytelling 

Download the competence framework here.

Phase 3: Training Course

The third phase consists of creating a training course, focused on Fundraising, Communication, and Storytelling, and targeting the Foundations’ staff professionals graduated, and want to operate in the non-profit sector.

The seven competences included in the competence framework informed the structure and content of the training course. The four modules of the training course are:

  1. Basics of Fundraising in a European Context
  2. Communication and Storytelling in European Fundraising
  3. European Projects as fundraising sources: Project management and financial management instruments
  4. Building your European Network: Best Practice examples of EU

You can find all the training modules on the FIRST Interactive Platform

Phase 4: Trainers' handbook

In the final phase, the guide will be completed with a practical roadmap for trainers, that will walk them through the implementation of the FIRST training course for the new and up-to-date promoter for Foundations.

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