PR1 - Foundations' Promoter 4.0 roadmap

Short description

On one side, nonprofit organizations, among which Foundations, face a long list of challenges that starts with fundraising and can include everything from promoting their activities to utilizing technology most effectively. Putting together hard and soft skills, storytelling and fundraising, the promoter 4.0 will contribute to improving the efficacy of Foundations in these areas. On another side, it is generally noted a critical void in the postsecondary education that leads to a widespread skills gap. In this respect, the project follows the EU approach to promote microcredentials for lifelong learning and employability, to help individuals to update their competences and to enter and succeed in the labor market.

Research Phase

During the first phase, a research paper will be carried on to state how Storytelling can concretely improve the promotion of Foundations’ identity and activities.

Data Analysis

In the second phase, the results of the research will be combined together with the competences identified merging EntreComp, DigiComp and the EU Fundraising Association frameworks, to create guidelines that will outline a transferable skill-set of competences for the new figure of promoter 4.0.

Development of Training Course

The third phase will consist of creating a training course, focused on Fundraising, Communication, and Storytelling, and targeting the Foundations’ staff-young professionals-recently graduated, who want to operate in the nonprofit sector.

Implementation Guide for Trainers

In the final phase, the guide will be completed with a practical roadmap for trainers, that will walk them through the implementation of the FIRST training course for the new and up-to-date promoter for Foundations.

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