PR2 - Interactive - Networking Tool

Short description

The main aim of the PR2 is to get a clear picture of which are the best cases in the EU in order to use them as showcases of storytelling and fundraising at national and international levels.

PR2 includes:

  • Desktop research/National Research by each partner
  • Development of networking tool (interactive geographical map) 

Desktop Research & Data Collection – Best Practices

Each partner organisation prepared a desktop research (national research) which includes a collection of best practices for the identification of experiences in developing fundraising strategies and storytelling experiences at the EU level. Download the reports for each partner:

The FIRST interactive map is an innovative networking tool where foundations, NGOs, and SMEs can register their information (description, address, e-mail, website, etc.) and their organisation will be presented as a pinpoint on the map.

Additionally, foundations can communicate and share their knowledge, experiences, and ideas through this networking tool.
Users are able to filter the results based on the country, type of organisation, and target groups. 

The interactive tool (map), is available through the project website where organizations and individuals can register. Firstly, users should create an account through an easy registration process to see the interactive tool. 

The benefits of the interactive tool for the foundations and/or NGOs:

  • Can use interactive maps in an effective way to share their work and impact
  • Can build and expand their network with other organisations around the world.
  • Can attract volunteers, and sponsors, engaging citizens and local communities in the initiatives of the foundation
  • Can offer interactive learning opportunities offering a dynamic and engaging way to learn about a variety of topics
  • Can communicate through the interactive map (networking tool).

If you want to learn more about the networking-interactive tool, you can download the detailed report and the user guide here.  

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