PR2 - Interactive - Networking Tool

Short description

PR2 includes the creation of an interactive geographical MAP of Europe to show users where Foundations are located, which fields of action they are interested in, best case activities and ongoing initiatives and, ultimately, provide a channel for collaboration. The project will use this state-of-the-art mapping tool to improve the Foundations’ international collaborative capacity, increase their impact and promote their identity.

The main aim is to get a clear picture of which are the best cases in EU in order to use them as showcases of storytelling and fundraising at national and international level.

Data Collection – Best Practices

Selection of best practices based on key characteristics identified by the consortium.

Desk Research

State of the art of the participating countries and identification of experiences in developing fundraising strategies and storytelling experiences at EU level.

Development of the Interactive Map/ Networking Tool

The map, as interactive tool, will be available through the project website where organizations and individuals can register. Registration will allow Foundations’ staff to access information about individuals interested in creating a collaborative network and their contact details.

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